Friday, 8 June 2012

Windows Operating System From A Hackers Perspective

Before getting into the ugly part of the truth let me say one thing Microsoft Windows was one of the most ground breaking innovation in the history of computer science ,they redefined the term "Computer" from a hardcore terminal or console based geeky  hard to manipulate system to more user friendly GUI based systems.But yet critics has it,Microsoft commercialize various technology so quickly without even assessing the quality of the product and  security standards . All they thought about is how to get their product into the market before another guy does it and due to this rat race between these giants,partially completed products were released  that weren't fully prepared to face the public verdict.Instead of releasing fully tested product their strategy was to release partially completed product and  patch up system when some bugs were discovered.

Bill Gates Hire Lazy Person Quote
Don't regard me as a cynic, for i think this picture here with Bill saying "I will always choose a Lazy Person to do a Difficult job..
Because,he will find an easy way to do it." is totally stupid and i bet he might have hired a lazy code auditor for his job and thanks to him Windows have 1000's of bug fixes and security patches.
Have a look at Microsoft explanation of 0day bugs .
Just another stat about Windows Vulnerability
Just think about one thing if Microsoft  officially releases such a vast number of bug fixes and vulnerability publicaly,think about the number of unreleased ones.From a hacker perspective its just a jackpot hit,for average  user its just a nightmare.
Unreleased  0day vulnerability i.e those vulnerability that haven't been discovered by the vendor are known to Trojan writers and Blackhat community and have been a widely known secret.Even cyber weapons are created using such exploits based on Windows like the STUXNET that hit Iranian nuclear facilities in early 2010.

The problem of Microsoft methodology "release do incremental patch up and update" seems like very old fashioned and lame way  as users are paying quite a reasonable amount of money for the OS itself.
Lets put it in this way most of the anti-virus companies virtually run their company in mercy of Windows 0days and new Windows virus releases...
I will be winding this up now.

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